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Story Title :  Out of hooks? -- use a mop
Story :  My dad and my friend John wer fishing on El Borracho about 7 years back in the hottest part of the summer. As usual we were cleaning up on the species de jour -- this time it was sailfish.
We\\\'d just gotten off a quad hookup with Oscar holding the rod until the first one to release got theirs in. The action was so hot that day, eventully we released 15 sailfish that day alone. After a while, Alberto came down with a smile on his face asking us if we wanted to see something cool. Of course we said yes, so he got a knife out and cut off part of his deck mop. He proceeded to shred the fiber until it looked like a feather. Intrigured we asked what he was doing, and he just smiled and told us to watch.
He reeled in the hot lure and cut the hook off, replacing it with the mop fibers and let it run. About 20 minutes later the jigs went off and the mop \\\'hook\\\' started to run. Incredulous, I picked up the line and reeled in the fish. I couldn\\\'t believe it, but the mop fibers had snagged on the nobs around the fishes bill like velcro, sticking to the fish enough to pull it in and release it. All he had to do was pull the fibers off and the fish was free.
I couldn\\\'t believe it and we all had a good laugh. I guess this works on marlin too he said, but they are stronger and can break their bills off easier using this technique. Alberto informed me that since the fish doesn\\\'t have a hook in and usually bats the lures first with it\\\'s bill, the chances of jig strikes holding are better than with hooks -- it just takes some getting used to.


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