Baja Papas East Cape Smokehouse


Shuttle service from the local airports at Los Cabos and La Paz is readily available. Rates will vary depending on number of persons travelling in your group as well as your destination airport. Although it's quite easy to find a shuttle from either the Los Cabos or La Paz airports without a reservation, it's best to reserve your shuttle at the time you book your hotel reservation. The reason is simple... shuttles that have not been booked in advance will likely be more expensive than prebooked shuttles. All of the local hotels and / or their reservation agents in the States will be happy to assist you with your shuttle and transportation needs at the time of your hotel booking.

It's important to note that one shuttle serivce, Turis Pancho, is a qualified Baja Papas "Member Merchant" and will provide excellent service to travellers, whether Club Baja Papas members or not, guaranteed. However, for those fortunate enough to be Club Baja Papas Members, in addition to the friendly and reliable Turis Pancho service, you will also enjoy substantial value added benefits and discounts when choosing Turis Pancho for your East Cape shuttle needs. For more information, please see our "Membership" section.

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