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  • Entry into Mexico and return to the U.S. will require a passport.
  • Upon arrival you will be issued a Tourist Visa allowing you a specified number of days to stay in Mexico. DO NOT lose this document, it must be turned in when you depart.

Credit Cards, Travelers Checks and Phone Cards

  • The East Cape has no banks and very few merchants accept credit cards. Be prepared with plenty of traveler's checks issued in SMALL denominations.
  • Be careful when using phones that require your credit card for use to call the U.S. They can be VERY expensive. You can purchase "LADATEL" calling cards at many businesses on the East Cape for use in local payphones, which are located througout the area. This is the most inexpensive way to call the U.S.

Airlines and Airports

  • The nearest commercial airport to the East Cape and the town of Los Barriles is Los Cabos International Airport in San Jose del Cabo. Airline service to Los Cabos can be obtained by:
    Aero California
    America West
  • Check your local phone book for their local number to obtain fares.
  • The East Cape can also be reached via La Paz International Airport, which is approximately one and one-half hours drive to Los Barriles. Airline and rental services will vary in La Paz from those in Los Cabos.


  • Most airlines allow a maximum of two checked pieces of luggage and two carry-ons. Due to enhanced airport security, do not pack anything with sharp edges or points in your carry-on luggage (i.e. knives, toenail clippers, scissors, etc.) or anything that can potentially be used to bind someone (i.e. fishing line, duct tape, etc.).
  • Ice chests and fish boxes are generally expensive and sometimes hard to find in Baja. if you're planning to take home fresh or frozen fish, bring an ice chest.
  • Pack light in terms of clothing type: bring plenty of comfortable t-shirts and shorts, including swim trucks and bathing suits. Sandals and/or flip flops are a must. Don't forget hats or visors as well as sunglasses and sunscreen.

Getting Around

  • Most hotels will offer a shuttle service from the airport to their door. Rates vary but will average $20-$40 per person. There are also independent shuttle services outside at the airport if you have not made prior arrangements.
  • Rental cars are now also readily available at the airport. Cars are provided by:
  • To reach the central town of Los Barriles you will stay left out of the airport and travel approximately one hour to Kilometer marker 110 then right into town.
  • Driving in Baja requires extra caution. Roads are more narrow then you are used to and grazing animals on the pavement is common. There are also many slow-moving vehicles and many with non-working signals and tail-lights. Drive slowly and avoid driving at night.

Remember, when you are visiting the East Cape you are in a foreign country with a different culture and customes. Slow down, relax, and enjoy your visit.


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